How Secure Is Your Home This Fall

With falls arrival, the weather begins to be cooler. Leaves start to change. Most probably,
youre looking forward to every activity that autumn brings. Most people usually associate this
season of the year with raking leaves, harvest festivals, Halloween or even enjoying the period
before the harsh winter sets in. While enjoying fall is wonderful, you must put in place
measures that secure your home effectively.
To give you an idea of what you need to do to secure your home for the fall season, let us have
a close look at the checklist below:

Avoid advertising that you are away
The primary thing burglars look for when scanning for houses to break-in to is selecting those
without anyone in it. Fortunately, by making your house look occupied when youre gone, youll
drastically minimize any chances of burglars even attempting to break in. Heres exactly what
you need to do. Install automatic light timers in your house. Have them turn on and off at your schedule
in order to simulate your normal patterns. Consider using timed curtain and drape openers.
Arrange to have snow removed from your walks and lawn cut. Ask your neighbor to pick your newspapers and mail rather than stopping their delivery.
Refrain from leaving any kind of notes on the door. Make it extremely hard to break in.
The other thing you need to do is to make it extremely challenging for thieves to get into your
house. The harder you make it for them to get in, the lower the chances of you coming back to
a broken into home. For that reason, you need to do the following.

Avoid leaving windows and doors unlocked. Always use strong, solid external doors and secure them with an excellent quality
deadbolt lock. Use locks with an internal anti-saw pin which make it challenging for anyone to saw through it with a hacksaw.
Install hardened, stainless steel casing. Install a top-notch home security alarm system.
Of great importance to note is the fact that home security alarms aren’t a guarantee that
intruders won’t break into your home. However, they make it extremely hard because they increase the
risk of a burglar getting seen and caught. If a burglar notices that your house is alarmed, he or
she should look for an effortless target instead. There is no doubt about this.

Know your neighbors
One of the most effective home security emanates from neighbors that are always looking out
for one another. Consequently, you should always to meet your neighbors in person and ask
them to keep a close eye on things while you are away. Does your neighborhood lack a
neighborhood watch program? If so, then you should consider organizing one. Fortunately, a
good number of local law enforcement agencies usually have folks available that can assist you
to not only plan but also organize an efficient watch program to ensure both your possessions
and family are safe.

Place garage-door remotes and keys in a smart spot
The last thing you want is to leave your house and car keys as well as remotes close to the door.
Anything contrary to that will make your highly vulnerable to burglars. To be on the safe side,
you must secure them inside a drawer or cabinet in order to keep them hidden securely.