Do Not Make This One Huge Mistake When Remodeling Your Kitchen

Every single year, there are countless couples who find a small little fixer-upper with hopes of turning it into their dream home.

They save every penny they can and dream of the way the house can be. They know all they are going to need is a little bit of love and elbow grease to have the perfect home to raise a family and grow old together.

However, something always manages to go wrong in these situations and the house never turns out how you think it should. While they have a house to call their own, it is not how they dreamed it would be and those small issues turn into nagging nightmares. Thankfully, we can learn from some of the mistakes that these couples make.

You may be looking at your kitchen and not be sickened by the look of it, but you know it could use some serious help. Perhaps it just needs some simple updating or better colors. Many people just want a simple update, They might have seen something they liked in a magazine or television. However, when they finish their project it just doesn’t match up with what they saw in their mind

Many times you will spend hours browsing through websites, magazines, or watching HGTV, looking for ideas. Then you spot it, the perfect kitchen or slide out shelves. Dark floors and white cabinets. You know that is your perfect kitchen.

You spend a weekend looking through stores big and small for the perfect components. You look at every price, trying to find that masterpiece. Then you begin talking to an expert designed in the store. They break your heart when they tell you that your idea is wrong. Dark floors and white cabinets will never work. Try another color, maybe a cream.

Hw are we to argue with a professional designer. So we take our idea in a new direction. However, it is still going to feel wrong, simply because that is what you wanted. If you take away your own wants and needs to please a stranger, what do you have left? However, they are the professional and they know best.

The mistake is that you are placing too much trust in a professional, always go with your gut.

The second thing to remember is everything is not as it seems in a store. Take the Home Dept for example. While you may love those cabinets in the store are they going to look the same when they arrive at your home in 8 weeks. More than likely not, you always have to consider the lighting of the shop you are in. For example, the Home Depot uses fluorescent lights which is going to skew the colors.

A much better option is to bring home a sample and see how it is going to look in your own home under your own lighting. Do not make the same mistakes so many other people do when preparing to remodel their homes. Remember that you are always going to have the best judgment when it comes to your own style and taste. It is fine to take opinions and suggestions, just let your own mind be the final verdict.