Make Pool Care A Breeze With Tips From My Pool Guide

Your pool can be like the latest instalment of the Star Wars saga – it has a light side which really makes life living – and a dark side which can make your life a living hell.

Your pool in other words is like ‘the girl with the curl’ in the old nursery rhyme – when it’s good, it’s very, very good, but when it’s bad, it’s awful. On the good days you and your family can enjoy a fantastic time around the pool, enjoying sunshine and water activities in equal measure. But when that pool is green and murky it can provide an almost endless challenge.

In order to make sure that you pool is always a pleasure and not a pain follow some of these great tips from

#1 Clean Your Filter.

Some people seem to view a pool filter as a magical components that will keep their pools in pristine condition with only the barest of attention. This is simply not true. Pool owners are advised to clean out their filter baskets at least once a week. This should be a weekly appointment as part of your pool care routine. If you’ve had a storm in your area then clean out your filter afterwards to make sure that debris is not clogging the system. You’ll also want to backwash at least once a month to make sure that the filter pipes are clean.

#2 Test And Test Again.

Make sure that you test the levels of chemicals in your pool at least once a week. There are some great handy kits to make testing so simple that a child could do it. You need to test chlorine levels, Cyanuric Acid levels and acidity to make sure that everything is in balance. Your neighborhood pool store will be able to sell you anything you might need to get your pool into balance again.

#3 What A Shock.

At some point in the lifetime of pool ownership you may be tempted to simply throw your hands up in the air and give in. Don’t panic and don’t be afraid to ‘shock’ green or murky pools. Just like an episode of E.R. sometimes the patient needs to have the chemical equivalent of paddles to the chest applied. To shock mix five times your dose of chlorine with water and add to the pool.

With some simply guidelines and approaches you can make sure that your pool is a great investment no matter what the season.