Hike Your Property Price With An Updated Pool

You heard the expression an English mans home is his castle, right? What then is an Americans? His sanctuary- his playpark? All of the above and more. Your home is probably the best investment you will ever make. As long as you keep it up to date and in good shape it should over time make you a descent earner for your retirement. Plus if you add on any exceptional features or update them it can also significantly increase the asking price.

For many enthusiastic property owners this means upgrading your existing pool or building one if you havent got one. If you think this is a worthy endeavour, you should tailor your new design according to your available cash flow or savings. The amount of money you have to spend will eliminate some of the many decisions you have to make like how big should the pool be, what features it will have. Waterfalls, slides and rock features naturally up the budget, as does building an add-on spa or spacious lounging area.


One of the first things to look at is the amount of available space you have for the pool area. If you have a pool already that needs updating this will let you know if you can expand your pool area and include things like decking areas, or cooking areas good for socializing and parties and eating al fresco.

If you sit down with a designer you can feed your dimensions into a computer and visualize what you can do. You can change the shape of your pool, or build one from scratch that doesnt have to be the traditional square or oval shape. You can see some designs at www.bathpoolandspa.com. How about building a pool with separate nooks and crannies built into a L shape, or maybe a U shape, that has waterfalls built into rock features? Design software can show you possibilities and this can be an exciting experience in its own and help you with the creative design process.

If you have children, you can add a smaller pool or have one area of the pool designed for children that isnt too deep, so they will be much safer playing in it. You can design a little alcove or also a Jacuzzi area inside the main pool, or you can place it beside or above the main pool to create that complete spa experience.

Fitness Goals

Or if fitness is your thing you can get a pool designed with a current system that enables you to swim against a powerful wave, without actually going anywhere. That way you dont have to flip around each time you do a lap of the pool. If you have the space and the budget you can design a large pool and with do the current system, but sometimes big isnt always beautiful.