How To Build A Fairy Garden Home

Even if you have never built one before, it is very simple to build a fairy house. All you’ll need is a bird house made of wood to which you can add a variety of whimsical elements.

Fairies love nature’s gifts such as birds and flowers. Some houses have roofs made of tree leaves, flower petals, and even moss. Atop these tiny fairy abodes, I’ve seen twigs and sticks and shingles made from pine cone tines. Just dust off your imagination, prepare to have some fun, and add whatever you like to ornament your fairy home.

Necessary Supplies: Birdhouse made of wood, twigs, dried pods, moss, silk flowers of all colours, tiny artificial birds, teensy terra cotta pots, small terra cotta trays, wire snips, and a hot glue gun.

When I made mine, I began by using the hot glue gun to attach pods onto the birdhouse. The front of my fairy house was the back of the birdhouse. I did this so I wouldn’t have to worry about covering up the bird hole opening. To both the sides and front of the house, I glued pods.

In order to fashion a door, twig ends were snipped and glued onto the pods. A colourful silk flower’s centre was chosen as the doorknob. Next, all the way around the house, moss was glued to the eaves of the roof. However, I didn’t stop there. The back and the roof of the house also got covered with moss. I bought patches of moss that delivered a chunky look that pleased me. However, you can cover your roof with moss using sheets that are available for purchase, if you like. I finished by covering any wood that was exposed with moss including the bottom of the house. To build a ladder, I cut two equal lengths of twigs for the sides and shorter sections for the rungs. Everything was glued together with the hot glue gun. Finally, a little bird and some flowers were glued to the house as finishing touches.

Shortened Directions For Garden Fairy Home

1. Attach pods to the birdhouse sides and front using a hot glue gun.

2. Over the pods, you can make a door by gathering several twigs, snipping their ends, and gluing them together.

3. To make your doorknob, select a colourful silk flower and remove its centre.

4. All the way around the house, you should glue moss to the eaves of the roof.

5. In addition, the back of the house and the roof should have moss glued to it.

6. Any exposed wood should be covered with wood including the house’s bottom ledge.

7. Twigs of equal length for the sides of the ladder and a series of short ones for the rungs are clipped from twigs and glued together.

8. As a finishing touch, add a little bird and some flowers to the house with the hot glue gun.

9. Place a teensy terra cotta pot into a small terra cotta tray and glue them together to make a bird bath. Inside the bath and onto the rim of the tray, glue a bird.

10. Select a location for your house outside of your home and add some twigs for landscaping, position the bird bath, lean the ladder against the house walls, and build a pebble path. Use moss to fill in empty spots. Visit our website for more information on how to make a fairy garden or the Amazon store for supplies and ideas..